Frequently Asked Questions (Q & A)

Q: What is the ZONE ID set in the SDK plugin?

A: This is the management ID of the frame issued from Geniee side.

Q: Please tell me the meaning of the type of Ad Size set in the SDK plugin.

A: Please refer to Ad Size Type Typefor the type of AdSize I will.

Q: I can not see my ad.

A: Please check the following.   - Did you set the ZONE ID for distribution to the SDK Plugin?
  - Is an adsource registered in the zone of ZONE ID?
  - Is the "distribution status" of the registered ads as "being distributed"?
  - Is there an error in the log after setting Debug log output?
  - If you can not solve it, please contact the media sales representative. (

Last Updated: 7/21/2020, 4:39:55 PM