Sample Description

I will explain how to check the operation using samples.

1. Open the scene

Double click Assets -> Sample -> Scenes -> Sample.unity and open the scene. image

2. Selection of Platform

Select File -> Build Settings in the menu bar and open Build Settings.

Select Platform choice Android oriOS and press Switch Platform.

3. Change screen size

Game view screen size from Free Aspect

For iPhone

Please change to the vertical size such as iPhone 5 Tall (9: 16).

Android case

Please change to vertical size such as 16:10 Portrait (10: 16).

4. Setting the ZoneID

Open Assets -> Sample -> Scripts -> ManageClick.cs in the Project view.

OnClickSetID1Button (), OnClickSetID2Button (), OnClickInValidIDButton () are designed to set the ZoneID when pressing each button.

Please set the zoneID to be used for AdManagement.ZoneId. If you do not need more than one, you can set only one.

5. Package Build

Please refer to the following.

  • Package build on iOS Device is not set by default, please set original Bundle Identifier. (Build Settings -> Player Settings -> Other Settings -> Identification.)

  • When you check the sample of the xcode project built for iOS, please contact the sales representative.

6. Operation check

When confirming the operation, please check in the following environment. (* Operation check can not be performed on Unity's Game view.)

  • Android · · · actual machine or emulator
  • iOS · · · actual machine or simulator

Description of sample screen


  • Sample ... Sample main screen
  • Sub ... Sub screen. Screen to confirm that reward movie works even if the scene changes.


Name Uses
Load Load Fullscreen Interstitial
Show Play Fullscreen Interstitial
Next Scene Move to Sub scene or Sample scene

Operation example

  1. Since the ID is not set, press the Set ID 1 button and set the ID
  2. Press the AddEventHandler button to register the callback event handler
  3. Load the movie by pressing the Load button
  4. After a while, OnAdLoaded will be displayed in the log display below.
  5. Press the Show button to play the movie.
  6. When the movie finishes playing, confirm that the callback event is called in the log display.
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