Android Checking the SDK version

If you encounter problems such as advertisement not being displayed, please check the SDK version.

Please check the current latest version from the following URL.

How to check the version

When using Maven

If you are using Maven, please check the version listed in Module>build.gradle.

dependencies {  
    // Geniee
    implementation '' // GenieeSDK
    implementation ''
    implementation '{{$}}'

When library is installed manually

If you are installing the library manually, check the folder where the library is located (eg app> libs) and check the version listed in jar, aar file.

Google Mediation Adapter version rule

GNAdSDK: Since version 3.3.0, the version rule of Google Mediation Adapter is <GNAdSDK SDK version>. <Adapter patch version>. Therefore, if the version of GNAdSDK goes up, a Google Mediation Adapter linked to the latest SDK will be created. Also, if there is a fix for Google Mediation Adapter, adapter patch version will go up.
For example, if GNAdSDK: 3.3.0, the version of GNAdGoogleMediationAdapter will be, but if there is a fix for Google Mediation Adapter it will be

Last Updated: 5/31/2019, 6:54:19 PM